Company Profile

Delicious cool or deli cool is a mini industry based on UKM would have headquarters in Ruko Golden Rd blok C30 No 20 Kompleks ITC BSD, BSD City, Serpong, South Tangerang, Banten Province. As for our effort it moves in the fields of the production of various motives jellies and syrup .

Jellies and production syrup we have owned a halal certificate from MUI also a certificate from the regional health agency south tangerang attached to your appendix ) .Materials we use already qualified laboratory test on the, so that the family get both the certificates up so that no need to worry about the perspective of health and sanitation.

Our jellies have a soft texture, springy, sweet, acid and has a sense of mango kweni. We also produce syrup which dreived fructose from cassava starch safe to diabetics also not causing coughing as sugar of sucrose or glucose.

The product that we produce and have to offer is the product homemade who are classified as healthy food made of powdered seaweed (for jellies), fructose(for syrup) and a natural dye.

To furnish of our products , and we also put make a kind of a drink draw with noodles made of jellies and we serve with various the form of cute jellies, ocimum seeds and fruit leci/litchi flushing with artificial and furnished with ice. Very fresh and healthy especially in hot weather condition. Ice noodles jelly itself is the unique drink product can be seen in a place that attracts and when eat it we use about chapstick so more unique and so attractive to be tried out.

In addition we will start to develop sales ice cool syrup that the concept is made similar to the sale of various the tea market now. By the presence of dozens of choice taste and presentation of technique that elegant and attractive expected with the increasing of sales.

Our products is the product that is not marketed to the free market but through the sale on the line by using this web administrator for a while so that the only marketed in particular .