Analisis SWOT

  • Strength
  1. Responsible for that discipline of labor creative and innovative
  2. Can meet the needs of customers
  3. Provide the best service towards customers
  4. Produce a quality product and a unique
  5. Variations of flavor syrups or jellies that form quite a lot


  • Weaknes
  1. Replicable
  2. Market competition with the national company
  3. Facilities and infrastructure that is still limited
  4. The jelly product durability is limited and depends on storage conditions


  • Oportunity
  1. To maintain quality and the quality of goods, we believe we can compete even though must compete with national company that will appear at a later day .
  2. Not many companies capable of creating a sense of innovation as we do to allow our products and expanded sales will be more famous
  3. Creating jobs that are more varied in the area of South Tangerang thereby reducing levels of jobless


  • Threaty

The emergence of new businesses which are similar trying to compete with our company with the equipment pretty powerful and the selling price of low under although the quality of our products . `